As part of International Womens Day Opzij & TheNextWomen have put together a list of women who play a particularly impressive and inspiring role in the digital and tech world. The future is digital, not only in the media but also in education, world travel and healthcare. This digital transformation is noticeable everywhere. These women express their mark on the future. Either as an entrepreneur, scientist, investor, manager or otherwise.

1. Ida Tin

Ida Tin is the co-founder and chief executive of Clue, the period tracking and fertility application that was founded in 2012 in Berlin. After travelling the world on her motorcycle and writing a best seller about her travel, she is now focussing on her promising start-up. The app already counts more than 2 million active users across the world and this is only the beginning! Clue is not only a platform that helps you to know your body better and accompanies women in every stage of their lives; it is aiming to revolutionize research on women’s health by making periods a non-taboo. Digital health is currently shaking the tech world and helps health professionnals make great improvement in the sector. Clue is part of the movement: with data collected from all over the world. Thanks to its users, it has allowed doctors and scientists to improve their knowledge on women’s fertility and cycle. The digital world is the future of women’s health and Ida Tin is the expert to look up to. During the Innovation Summit, she will be talking about why it is currently changing the health sector and it could be a real inspiration if you are aiming to make your own revolution in the health industry!

2. Barbera Wolfensberger

The past few years have shown huge progress in the digitization of content. This not only created a shift in distribution, but whole new industries arised from new forms of use. Amidst this storm of innovation is Barbera Wolfensberger, Chief Marketing Officer of TMG. She was second in the Adformatie top 100 list of the best marketers in the Netherlands in 2015 and is the spokersperson for the Dutch creative industries. She will be a panel member at the Innovation Summit on May 23.

3. Joëlle Frijters

Joëlle Frijters is CEO and co-founder of Improve Digital, a company that offers real time advertising technology to publishers and digital media. Founded in 2008 in Amsterdam, Improve Digital now has offices in 5 European countries and employs over 200 people. Joëlle has received many awards for her incredible innovative and entrepreneurial skills.
Improve Digital has launched an impressive programmatic platform that allows publishers and marketers to better target their consumers and audience. Within the platform, they recently launched the “Hyper Local Targeting” that enables publishers and marketers target mobile users based on their location, which allows them deliver the right message at the right time.
During the Innovation Summit, Joëlle will address how digital technology evolved in the past 5 years and what it will look like for the upcoming years. It is the occasion for you to get the latest updates and insights thanks to an experts’ point of view.

4. Arielle Zuckerberberg

She already showed her enormous potential during her studies when she won the Wing Tam Award for Excellence in Software Development in 2010. Shortly after, the company for which she worked was purchased by Google and she started working for the tech giant at only 22. Arielle started as an angel investor at 24 and was appointed in 2016 as an associate partner in a very famous venture capital firm in San Francisco. During the Innovation Summit she will inform the public about her motives.

5. Deborah Jackson

Former Wall Street banker, Deborah Jackson focuses on building female performance through entrepreneurship. Ms. Jackson is one of the most influential people in the entrepreneurial community and a fan of female entrepreneurship. She is a member of Golden Seeds, an American angel investors network, and the CEO and founder of Plum Alley, a platform that connects women entrepreneurs to capital, markets and that offers advice.

6. Ineke Kooistra

Kooistra has been the CEO of Young Capital since 2013, a company that employs 15.000 to 20.000 young people every week. Young Capital is a technology-driven company that has extended to 30 branches and has built a yearly revenue of 130 million euros. The company is now a market leader in Europe and aims to be the largest youth recruitment company in the world by 2020. In the panel of The Innovation Summit, she will share her tips for success.

7. Vanessa Evers

Vanessa is a talented scientist who is regularly interviewed about her work for national television, newspapers and magazines. She won the prize for best thesis of the Dutch National Society of Registered Information Specialists, co-authored the James Chen best paper award for the magazine on User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction, along with her ??then - PhD student Henriette Cramer. She also won the award for the talent of Sideways in 2014. Vanessa is an editor of the International Journal of Social Robotics, she is co-chair of the ACM International Human Robot Interaction Steering Committee and Associate Editor of the Human Robot Interaction Journal.

8. Bernadine Brocker

Bernadine Brocker is co-founder of Vastari and won the Jury Prize of the TheNextWomen Pitch Competition 2015. Vastari is the first and only online network that helps collectors to exhibit their collections in renowned museums. Vastari also facilitates museums to make their exhibitions available at multiple locations around the world. Bernadine has studied art history, is a graphic designer and trained as an illustrator.

9. Janneke Niessen

Janneke Niessen is Chief Innovation Officer of Improve Digital, a leading company in the field of digital advertising that she founded in 2008 with partner (and CEO) Joelle Frijters. Improve Digital provides publishers from all over the world a global platform where they can act independently in digital advertising. Janneke Niessen and Joelle Frijters have occupied a prominent place on TheNextWomen100 - they are in the hundred most successful and innovative female entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. A list published annually by TheNextWomen. They also stand together at the cradle of the Inspiring Fifty, an initiative that is empowering women in technology.

10. Diane Janknegt

Diane Janknegt was director of Microsoft Netherlands from 2010 to 2012 and then founded her own company Wizenoze. Diane noted that children increasingly made use of the Internet to play games, but that they often struggled to find age-specific content on the Internet. Wizenoze develops search engines and software with texts written for adults that are translated for children, in order to make the Internet a more suitable place for children.

11. Heleen van Oord

Heleen Dura-van Oord, businesswoman of the year 2013 founded DQ&A, an online media company, in 2001. After rapid growth periods, her company now operates in eight countries and three continents. The company has 150 employees and is heading towards the 50 million turnover. Helen is also co-founder of Peak Capital, an investment company for growing companies in the technology, media and communications field.

12. Maartje Frederiks

Maartje Frederiks studied business administration and has worked for years at Samhoud as a consultant. She is co-founder and CEO of Hello Fresh Benelux. Hello Fresh is a service that provides boxes with healthy and fresh ingredients with matching recipes. In 2015 she became the most innovative e-commerce professional and won the award for Innovator of the Year.

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